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Printouts 3.05 & Reports 3.07

Reports Fixes:

  1. Fixed the display of sales tax collected in the Sales Tax Report
  2. Added a clearer explanation of the Inventory Aging Report
  3. Fixed a bug where Exporting Records / Save to Excel wasn’t working properly

Printouts Fixes:

  1. Fixed an issue in the Custom Printouts template file where printing to a custom sales receipt would say give an erroneous “This field can not be modified” message.
  2. Fixed an issue where the user would see a “related-field error” when trying to Save As a PDF or Email PDF with a custom printout file.
  3. Fixed an issue with scrip 302 to ensure that if FileMaker does not switch to the proper layout, it errors out and tells the user.

InBloom 3.0932


  • Added a Blank Contract v3 layout with Quantity, Category, and no Fees.
  • Added a new list on the Item Details screen that displays Sale Invoices by Buyer Name for easy identification of previous purchasers.
  • The date payments are received can be modified by hand in the POS screens, for help in maintaining consistency in postdating sales.


  • Fixed an issue where backdated sales were being posted on the date the checkout button was clicked.  Now backdated sales will be “posted” on the date specified at the top of the invoice.
  • Adjusted spacing on the Forms Plus single voucher check template

InBloom 3.0931


  • Fixed an issue that prevented letter-size receipts from printing even though specified as the template for receipt printing.
  • Fixed an issue in the Dashboard where the “Show By” filters were not updating properly.  You can now filter inclusively and exclusively in the Show By filter options on the Dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue on the Inventory Brand pulldown menu so that it auto-completes based on previous entries


  • Added the Dymo 30336 Barcode Label and Dymo 30336 Barcode Dated Label templates.
  • Added the Dymo 30335 Barcode Dated Label in Baskerville for the serif lovers

InBloom 3.093


  1. Fixed an issue where the incorrect payout and sold information would be displayed on the Check 9209 Multipage printout
  2. Fixed an issue where the Inventory History was not being refreshed from Consignment Entry

Reports 3.06


  1. Added a more thorough explanation as to how to use the new Inventory Aging Report
  2. Added better formatting to the Sales Tax Report

Reports 3.05

Fixed some formatting issues with the Payment Totals Report, End of Day Report, and fixed an issue that broke the Category Report

InBloom 3.0902

This fixes a number of small little but annoying quirks:

  • Added fixes to the scan field on the top right of the POS screen.  It should allow multiple quick scans without losing focus.
  • Fixed an issue on paying items with Fees where fees were applied incorrectly based on the setting of the Deduct Fees checkbox in Settings
  • Fixed an issue where Fees were hidden on sold items in the Payment Overview screen
  • Fixed an issue where a check printout would be missing the fees associated with the item on the Check 9209 – Multipage layout
  • Fixed an issue where InBloom would generate an error about not being able to backup on Client machines with error #800 (rather than the server/host)


The Transaction Status field can be modified on the Item Details view

InBloom 3.09


  • Made the Inventory home screen smarter: you can now also search for inventory by SKU in the search field.
  • Made adding a new sale invoice smarter, so if there are errors, InBloom will attempt to fix them for you silently and quickly.


  • Set the cursor to stay in the QuickSKU field when scanning multiple items quickly
  • Added an important fix to consignor payment calculation whereby fees were being charged multiple times
  • Fixed all of the Records > Filter menu options in the Inventory screens
    Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 5.39.17 PM

InBloom 3.0809


  • Added a Receipt template named Sales Receipt – Default w/Credit that includes the unused store credit AND the pending sales commissions.
  • Added some polish to the Inventory entry screens on the iPad version (using FileMaker Go).  Lots more to come on this one!
  • Added support for 2.375 x 1″ Zebra labels as a label template
  • Added back the POS Start screen when writing new invoices
  • Added the search for layaways button to the Sales overview screen


  • Fixed an issue where Voiding a transaction with no items on the sale, would cause a big loop of error messages (Thank you Keigh!).
  • Fixed an issue where InBloom could not properly see any available updates
  • Fixed an issue where Dymo Label 30330 was not formatted on the label properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Email PDF button in Inventory printouts wasn’t working in InBloom Lite
  • Fixed an issue where the Email Sales Receipt button in POS wasn’t working in InBloom Lite
  • Fixed an issue where the Email checkbox could not be checked appropriately in the Contacts list
  • Optimized generating the Full Account View from the Inventory History tab, made printing the current set of records more reliable and faster.
  • Cleaned up the Item Details tab, hid the Category Editor tab
  • Added a button in Inventory Categories Administration to reset the list of Categories to the default list.
  • Minor fixes to the Specify Initial Layaway screen

InBloom 3.0805 (Important for people upgrading from v2)

Bugfixes galore:

  • Fixed an issue where past consignor payments weren’t being imported from version 2 of InBloom.
  • Fixed an issue where past sales taxes weren’t being properly imported from v2 upon conversion
  • Removed a layout artifact on Consignor Details
  • Made the Dashboard default to Today instead of This Week
  • Fixed a bug that might prevent users from emailing PDFs using Apple Mail in InBloom Pro