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InBloom 3.0805 (Important for people upgrading from v2)

Bugfixes galore:

  • Fixed an issue where past consignor payments weren’t being imported from version 2 of InBloom.
  • Fixed an issue where past sales taxes weren’t being properly imported from v2 upon conversion
  • Removed a layout artifact on Consignor Details
  • Made the Dashboard default to Today instead of This Week
  • Fixed a bug that might prevent users from emailing PDFs using Apple Mail in InBloom Pro


InBloom 3.0803

  • Added a prefill predictive pulldown menu to the Brand field on the Consignment Entry screen
  • Bugfix for small sales receipt printing
  • Bugfix for price tag printing in Dymo 30320 and 30321 Labels.  Sizes shouldn’t touch prices or barcodes going forward.

InBloom 3.0802


  1. Fixed an issue in the Dashboard where the Transaction Count wasn’t being calculated
  2. Fixed an issue with Dymo 30321 and 30320 Labels cutting off on the right side when printing from Mac
  3. Fixed an issue where the Dashboard would not update properly in rare instances, after upgrading from v2

InBloom 3.0702

Numerous bugfixes are included:

  • Fixed an issue where the Dymo 30321 tag was getting cut off on the right side
  • Fixed an issue where the Print Preview function in Inventory would display all items instead of just the single item price tag.
  • Fixed an issue where the next available invoice number wasn’t being setup after importing from v2
  • Fixed an issue where the next available account number wasn’t being setup after importing from v2
  • The Average Sales field wasn’t properly calculating on the Dashboard until now.
  • Updated the 24U Dialog plugin to 4.1.1 to avoid errors that would crash InBloom (noticed in OS 10.7.5)
  • Fixed an issue when choosing the Duplicate Item menu option from within Inventory screen that cause the duplicate item not to increment to the next available item number.
  • Fixed an issue when adding an incorrect number from the QuickSKU field when writing an invoice, would delete the first line in the invoice.
  • Fixed an issue in Layaway Sales Receipts where the an error would display with incorrect print settings on a Mac
  • Fixed an issue in Users where you couldn’t change Groups of a user

InBloom 3.07


  • Fixed an issue where the totals were not printing properly on the 8-1/2 x 11 sales receipts
  • Nudged the price field to print properly on Dymo 30330 labels

InBloom 3.0602


  1. Fixed an issue on the Sales Receipt Elegant template that caused one page invoices to print a second blank page
  2. Fixed a rare issue where issuing a store credit would freeze
  3. Fixed an issue where issuing a store credit wouldn’t print  as a statement properly and would print without the total payment amount at the top


  1. Added Dymo 30336 Templates that print 3pt and 4pt size barcodes since different Dymo printers have different resolution/sharpness abilities
  2. Removed some duplicitous Dymo 30336 Tag templates

InBloom 3.06


  1. Added a menu item under Help > Unregister InBloom to aid with registration issues.
  2. Added a new template for the Status Report named Status Report Small Format for tighter prints that don’t wrap to two lines
  3. Updated the Sales Receipt – Elegant & Vertical templates to display more lines per sale


  1. Fixed an issue when checking out with Store Credit where the whole store credit would be used and would say to give the rest back as change
  2. Added a small bugfix to properly enable sharing by clicking on the Enable Sharing button on Other Modules

InBloom 3.05.05


  • Fixed an issue where the Secondary Backup option on PCs was not backing up properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Invoice Sold By options were not editable
  • Fixed an issue where the 30320 tag was printing on multiple tags

InBloom 3.0504


  • PRINTING: This update includes a major bugfix for printing on PCs.  This version of InBloom completely disables (only the PC version of) InBloom’s control of your printer to make printing from any computer more reliable.  Note that you’ll need to specify the printer and page setup before every printout to ensure that printing continues reliably.
  • BARCODE SCANNING: Added a fix for fast and reliable barcode scanning at the time of sale.
  • POINT OF SALE: Added back the ability to type SKUs on a line-by-line basis
  • Fixed an occasional error where the Inventory History page wouldn’t successfully merge the data from Inventory and Transactions.
  • Fixed some PC-specific issues where the window is resized when going between InBloom modules