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InBloom 3.0503


  • Removed some of the over-zealous warning messages when logging in from a computer before selecting the proper Station setting at login
  • Better control of PC-side printing.  When InBloom can’t properly switch printers, it releases control and lets the user fully select the printer and the page size for reliable printing.
  • Added the ability to upgrade from spreadsheets.  This is important for users updating from v2.x of InBloom


  • Fixed an issue with serial number registration
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading from previous copies may not have properly imported the Brand / Designer field

InBloom 3.05


  • Added error highlighting for users who have somehow specified a printout that is unavailable
  • Added the ability to Clear custom page settings in Printers & Stations
  • More stringent use of the custom page settings to improve printer and page size selection


  • Better error reporting when changing the Page Setup on Windows

InBloom 3.043


  • Added additional color options for highlighting inventory rows based on their status
  • Added a function to the Sales Days Administration screen to repopulate all sales days to avoid problems with Dashboard reporting
  • Removed the word CHECK from the bottom of the 9209 Check template.  The fee for writing checks is now just named FEE on printed checks


InBloom 3.03


  • Fixed printing of sales receipts whereby templates other than the default receipt style were printing only the first item multiple times
  • Fixed a display issue with the display of the discount percentage on the POS screen
  • Fixed the Reprint Last Sale button in POS to properly print the last sale to the proper page size