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InBloom 3.051 & Printouts 3.61

When Previewing inventory printouts, simply close the preview window normally (rather than pressing the Enter key)

Fixed an issue with custom check printing templates displaying the full check amount and sometimes displaying an error message when changing to the Document printer.

Printouts 3.05 & Reports 3.07

Reports Fixes:

  1. Fixed the display of sales tax collected in the Sales Tax Report
  2. Added a clearer explanation of the Inventory Aging Report
  3. Fixed a bug where Exporting Records / Save to Excel wasn’t working properly

Printouts Fixes:

  1. Fixed an issue in the Custom Printouts template file where printing to a custom sales receipt would say give an erroneous “This field can not be modified” message.
  2. Fixed an issue where the user would see a “related-field error” when trying to Save As a PDF or Email PDF with a custom printout file.
  3. Fixed an issue with scrip 302 to ensure that if FileMaker does not switch to the proper layout, it errors out and tells the user.