InBloom 3.0934

Don’t let the small incremental number fool you. ┬áThis update has a ton of small but important refinements and a number of important bugfixes.


  1. Added a new view to display consignor payments in a list as well as summarized by date
  2. Added a Separated Payments Report in the Payments Section to print the payments preview report with one account per page
  3. Added a layout for the TSC / Zebra line of printers using a 1.625 x 2.375 size thermal label
  4. Made sure that Item Price Tag print option isolates the label on-screen so users visually see that they’re only printing the currently selected tag.
  5. Added a preference to disable consignor payment calculation to speed up checkout
  6. Added a Mark As Shrinkage in the list of Actions
  7. Shrinkage items now show up in Payments Overview list
  8. Added a Gift Cards Administration screen for anyone that needs to enter or maintain their gift cards in bulk


  1. Added a fix for when users try to login without selecting a Station
  2. Added a fix in the Void Transaction menu option where the Payment Types would sometimes get deleted
  3. Fix for issue when the next available check number would default to an incorrect value
  4. Fix to the default category auto-calculation template
  5. Added a fix for when users try to login without selecting a Station
  6. Added a descriptive error message for the rare instance when a user adds a blank quantity to an invoice line (avoiding a “Can’t be zero” error message)
  7. Added a bugfix for upgrading users to calculate the Last Name initial upon import
  8. Added a number of important fixes for users upgrading from v2 of InBloom
  9. REPORTS: Added a bugfix so Export Records and Export to Excel works reliably in Reports
  10. PRINTOUTS: Added a number of fixes to the Custom Printouts templates to ensure functions like Save As PDF and Email PDF work reliably.